I enjoy creating content that supports and empowers the growth of others.

Whether that’s on the Skybound Coaching & Training blog, in ebooks, or as part of training materials, I enjoy turning the conceptual into the practical through writing that’s approachable, informative, and action-oriented.



Here’s my latest ebook release:

Step Up Your Leadership, in 5 StepsStep Up Your Leadership:
5 Steps to Becoming a More Empowered Leader

Release your full leadership potential by exploring a 5-step process of self-awareness building, reflection, calibration and bold action.  Each section of this book includes focus questions and action items so you can get into motion.

For more information, and to purchase, go here.

Blog Highlights

Here are some of the most popular entries from the Skybound Coaching & Training Blog:


12 Networking No No’s:
We all know that networking can be a challenge. It requires well-developed interpersonal skills combined with the courage to be completely in the moment with whatever unfolds. It’s more art than science. With a topic this rich and nuanced, sometimes it’s easier to focus on what not to do…


Six Qualities of a Championship Team:
Sometimes, when looking outside of our own industry, we discover new perspectives or wisdom that can be applied within our own professional world. In this case, when looking at the topic of workplace teams, it’s a natural to examine and borrow some wisdom from the world of sports, where the strength of a team’s performance is routinely put to the test…


Five Essentials of Leadership:
When you look for a definition of leadership, it can be easy to get overwhelmed, as there are a multitude of answers. But, for me, that’s what makes the topic so rich. It’s one of those concepts that doesn’t just have one clean-cut description. I think of it as a kaleidoscope — there are many different things to see and discover, especially as the turn of a situation or a change in direction can require a different type of leadership….


The Three Elements of Your Leadership Stance:
“Leadership” is often discussed and explored as a broad theoretical concept. But going beyond the theoretical, and getting to the day to day manifestation of leadership, how does it show up in you, a coworker or supervisor? We can all think of multiple leaders in our lives, and we observe that they all have a slightly different way to express their particular brand of leadership. This expression is what I call the Leadership Stance…


10 Tips to Leading Volunteers:
A volunteer is someone who freely gives of his or her time to help accomplish something. The reasons for doing so can be motivated by a myriad of factors from altruistic to personally beneficial, or in most cases, a mix of both. Regardless of why they have stepped forward, volunteers are critical for most nonprofits, and for many for-profits alike. It’s crucial that organizations harness the energy, talent and time of volunteers…