About my music

I love the energy, exuberance, creativity, and connective power of jazz.

I first fell in love with jazz piano in high school.  After hearing masters like Count Basie, Oscar Peterson, Thelonious Monk, and the great big bands of the swing era, I was hooked.  I quickly knew I wanted to study music in college, and went to Loyola University New Orleans as a jazz studies major.

Even though I later broadened my studies and career pursuits to include business, I’ll always keep playing.  There’s something about the paradoxical combination of structure and spontaneity that I really love about jazz.  It speaks to me like nothing else.  It makes me dance!

I hope you enjoy a sample of my music below, and please consider booking me for your party, reception, holiday event or other occasion.  I can organize a trio (piano, bass, drums), or a combo that includes the addition of a trumpet, saxophone or singer.


Listen to a few samples of my jazz trio!

These tracks featured bassist Michael Gorman and drummer Richard Fish.

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