The Skybound Initiative

Glenn founded The Skybound Initiative, a service-based arm of his firm Skybound Coaching & Training.

What is The Skybound Initiative?

It’s a series of community projects focused on uplifting others through the playful power of the hero cape.  Glenn is drawn to the playfulness, creativity, imagination and empowerment connected to the symbol of a hero cape, and is compelled to share that with others, especially those in need of uplifting.


The Skybound Initiative is currently focusing on two active projects:

  1. One project is entitled “Cape-Making for Heroes!,” an effort to produce home-made capes that are then donated to pediatric hospital patients.
  2. The other active project is called “Unleash Your Super Power!,” a video project connecting kids with their inner hero on film at Texas Children’s Hospital (a collaboration with Jackman Films). The first “Unleash Your Super Power!” film is now released! — view it below. We’d love your support for this project — make a financial contribution here.


The Skybound Initiative would love your support and participation!

Help this impactful work continue! Support can come in the form of funding or sponsorship to offset project costs.  Participation can include your time, creativity and efforts as a cape-maker or on-site hero-maker at events.

To support the “Unleash Your Super Power” project, go here to make a donation.  To inquire about helping in other ways, please contact Glenn at