I enjoy writing content that supports and empowers the growth of others.

Whether that’s for Skybound Coaching & Consulting blogs or for, I love sharing insights and tips that are informative and action-oriented.

Here are some samples:

Blog: Five Essentials of Leadership
When you look for a definition of leadership, it can be easy to get overwhelmed, as there are a multitude of answers. But, for me, that’s what makes the topic so rich. It’s one of those concepts that doesn’t just have one clean-cut description. I think of it as a kaleidoscope — there are many different things to see and discover, especially as the turn of a situation or a change in direction can require a different type of leadership….Read more.

7 Steps to Showing EmpathyBlog: 7 Steps to Showing Empathy
Empathy is the ability to put yourself in someone else’s shoes and truly identify with what they are feeling, experiencing or where they’re coming from. It’s one of the most critical of soft skills, and is closely associated with effective leadership. Why? Because leadership is about influence, and influence is authentically gained through positive relationships…..Read more.

Nine Personas of InfluenceForbes Article: Are You Influential?
You may know certain people within your personal or professional spheres who seem to have a lot of influence — not because they have authority over others but because they bring a certain type of value to relationships.  Here are nine personas that yield greater influence. Which one could you lean into for more impact as a leader?…Read more.

Eight Things Leaders Should Do More OfForbes Article: Eight Things Leaders Should Do More of This Year
The dawning of each new year offers all of us the opportunity to evaluate and adjust our leadership approach. Effective leaders stay curious and open about how they can improve. This is especially true since new challenges are always presenting themselves, situations are ever-changing, and our organizations continue to evolve…Read more.