I enjoy writing content that supports and empowers the growth of others.

Whether that’s for Skybound Coaching & Consulting blogs or for, I love sharing insights and tips that are informative and action-oriented.

Here are a couple of samples:

Blog: Five Essentials of Leadership:
When you look for a definition of leadership, it can be easy to get overwhelmed, as there are a multitude of answers. But, for me, that’s what makes the topic so rich. It’s one of those concepts that doesn’t just have one clean-cut description. I think of it as a kaleidoscope — there are many different things to see and discover, especially as the turn of a situation or a change in direction can require a different type of leadership….Read more.

Nine Personas of InfluenceForbes Article: Are You Influential?
You may know certain people within your personal or professional spheres who seem to have a lot of influence — not because they have authority over others but because they bring a certain type of value to relationships.  Here are nine personas that yield greater influence. Which one could you lean into for more impact as a leader?…Read more.