What is Coaching?

Professional coaching is different from consulting, mentoring, advice, therapy, or counseling. It’s a partnership between coach and client, through which the coach evokes transformation and forwards the action surrounding a client’s goals.

Glenn works with a variety of professionals and executives to define and reach goals as part of an empowered and accountable coaching relationship.

In practice, coaching occurs through conversations, either in person or over the phone. Glenn asks powerful questions, offers perspective, gives encouragement, challenges assumptions, holds the client accountable, and provides a framework for taking action on who and what you want to become.

As a professional certified coach, Glenn is trained in coaching behaviors and competencies, and is bound by professional standards and ethics. View the ICF code of ethics here.

What you can expect from the SKYBOUND coaching experience with Glenn Taylor:

  • To become aware of your values, purpose and unique attributes
  • To experience positive change and tangible action
  • To strengthen your leadership capacity and influence
  • To be heard
  • To be challenged
  • To feel like you’re in a creative, courageous, authentic space
  • To feel a sense of freedom, lightness and empowerment in your life

Coaching May Be Right For You If You:

  • Want to define where you’re headed
  • Are looking for the right career fit
  • Want to go farther, faster
  • Want to grow your influence and leadership
  • Feel stuck
  • Are in transition
  • Are searching for deeper meaning
  • Are ready for a change
  • Are wanting to love the work you do
  • Want to improve the relationships in your life
  • Want more authenticity and alignment

Get Coached

Contact Glenn to try a free coaching session, complimentary consultation, or inquire about speaking. This introductory conversation will typically last 30 minutes, and can take place in person, over the phone or with Skype.

The purpose of this conversation is to make an introduction, explore your needs and goals, and talk more details about how we can work together. There’s no risk, and I guarantee you’ll walk away with something valuable.

Fill up the below email form, and we’ll set up a time.


  • If you imagine our organization as a train that was beginning to derail, Glenn’s excellent coaching enabled us to get back on track while strengthening our direction through defining values and goals. As an executive director, I gained greater confidence to pursue these goals while inspiring our team to deeper levels of commitment.
    Kathy Rose Executive Director, CollegeCommunityCareer
  • Glenn always made me feel so heard when he coached me. He had a way of breathing light into any topic I brought to coaching and made me feel confident in my choices.
    Allison Kramer
  • Glenn is curious and open… I find him to be a person of integrity, discipline and drive.
    Susan Lieberman Ph.D., former Director of Leadership Rice at Rice University
  • Glenn brings a sense of wonder and deep commitment to his coaching. He's fully present and
    there's nothing standing in the way of Glenn hearing what is going on in a session.
    Chris St. Clair
  • There's a kind of speed, stealth, and no-nonsense about Glenn and his coaching, that combines with style and subtlety.
    Anna Carroll Founder, Interaction Design, Inc. and justfeedback.com
  • Glenn is able to bring people together, motivate them and align each person’s strengths, resources and talents.
    Julie Pitts Executive Director at the National Association of Corporate Directors
  • Glenn creates safety and courage for those around him. His very presence is empowering. His skill and deep heart for truly helping people are why he is a rockstar coach.
    Justin Williams
  • Glenn is one of my favorite people. He can balance productivity with fun, is incredibly intelligent and detail-oriented, and has all the qualities of a superb leader.
    Sarah Meals Public Relations Manager at Seattle Repertory Theatre

Sessions & Packages

Following an introductory sample session, I work with individual clients through regular bi-weekly coaching sessions, either in-person, via phone, or through Skype. I typically recommend a 3-month minimum commitment to ensure you get the maximum impact from coaching.

Monthly Coaching Includes:

  • Two 1-hour coaching sessions per month, scheduled at your convenience
  • Custom homework and accountability  structures
  • Email support


  • $350 per month (or $175 per session)
Get started with a sample session